The Indonesian Tourism Academy (AKPINDO) located in Jakarta which under management of Yayasan Lembaga Bina Pendidikan Pariwisata (YLBPP) has been established in 1967. However, the Academy began its founding and taking care by Yayasan Bina Dharma until 1983 and at the same year AKPINDO completely handed over to YLBPP.

Since then AKPINDO has continued to organize and developed. Up to now, there are quite a lot of graduates in all parts of the country, and some even work abroad. They work in the hospitality industry, airlines, travel companies, and government offices, such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Regional Tourism Services, and related agencies. There are even some who are self-employed in the field of business that has to do with tourism.

Ready-to-work methods are used as the main principle in the implementation of education in AKPINDO, as one of the education institutions tasked with preparing skilled and educated workers. In addition, AKPINDO always strives for the material taught and training to be truly linked to the needs of the workforce, especially the Indonesian tourism industry.

The Indonesian Tourism Academy (AKPINDO) which received the title as the pioneer of tourism education in Indonesia has gained the trust of the tourism industry, such as hotels, travel agencies and others. By having this trust, AKPINDO does not have any obstacles in placing its students to undertake on-the-job training and research in tourism industries, in government and private offices, which are related to tourism, both in Jakarta and other cities throughout Indonesia.