Diploma Tiga Entrepreneur Grand Chef School

The Entrepreneur Grand Chef School Diploma Program is designed for those who have chosen to pursue a pleasant career as an Entrepreneur Chef. In addition to mastering more than 150 standard Indonesian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Cuisine recipes and Pastry and Bakery formulas this program also provides extra expertise in Cocholate arts and Pasta production

This unique program is proven by hands on training to boost knowledge, skills, attitude and experiences without eliminating the educational character. At the end of the semesters, competency assessment will be conducted at free by AKPINDO-STEIN Certification Body. This body has been licesenced by State Professional Certification Agenct, then so called Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP).The competency certificate gained by students is aimed to empower and enable them to enter global competition in managing the world-class kitchen and business.

This unique program is proven by theoretical learning processes, practical in the culinary field and entrepreneurs through the main stages of preparation for cooking, knowledge and planning menus, Food presentations and garnishes, Nutrition, Food Costing, Banquete, Food Inspector, and F & B Marketing, and forming entrepreneurial spirit.

At the same time, you will learn to develop professionalism in managing the business kitchen through the incubation business tutorial program. AKPINDO will supply the basic kitchen equipment and cooking materials for a certain period of time.


Why choose this program?

You will get valuable insights on the latest trends and skills in food and cuisine industry to accelerate innovation in maintaining and developing the heritage of Indonesian and world recipes. The combination of class, practicals, on the job training facilities and opportunities and extra excellence in your future career. This is promised as the candidate of trainee has been started at campus selection by the users. The Human Resources Manager of the five star hotels visiting and conducting test for those who will undertaking “On the Job Training at their hotels/premises.

You will gain valuable insights about the latest trends and skills in the world of culinary endeavors to create business and development so successful. This combination will make you become a resilient entrepreneur. In addition, a strong network built by AKPINDO will also provide employment opportunities and extra excellence in careers and the success of your business in the future.

In addition to mastering culinary techniques, you will also learn Barista to help you explore career and business choices


What can you expect from this program?           

This program will enhance your supervisory, technical and personality skills. This will also expand your mindset to think out of the box, because communication skills and problem solving are very important in culinary endeavors.

The program starts with an orientation level course where you are introduced to topics such as basic culinary, kitchen sanitation, nutrition, pastry and bakeries. After mastering the basics, the program will then focus on advanced food preparation which includes cooking and displaying a variety of main dishes and selected desserts.

In the final year, the program will ensure you gain experience as a chef at both hotels and world class / international catering.

Program Structure

Semester 1

  • Basic Cooking
  • Basic Bakery & Pasta
  • Food Commodities
  • Stewarding
  • Hotel Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety
  • Purchasing & Cost Control
  • Business Startup

Semester 2

  • Advanced Pastry and Baking
  • Menu Knowledge
  • Indonesian Cuisine
  • Continental Cuisine
  • Food Packaging
  • Barista
  • E- Commerce

Semester 3

  • Food Presentation and Garnish
  • Oriental Cuisine
  • Food Inspector
  • Pastry Production
  • Chocolate Arts
  • Restaurant and Banquet Operations
  • Digital marketing

Semester 4

  • Nutrition Science
  • Food and Beverage Cost Control
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Chocolate Art
  • Business Analysis

Semester 5

  • Internship
  • Scientific Paper

Semester 6

  • Project Culinary
  • MICE
  • Hotel Enginering
  • Supervisory Practice

Asean Standard Certification (BNSP)

  • Junior Cook
  • Cook
  • Senior Cook
  • Demi Chef

Internship/On the Job Training Program

You will undertake twenty-four weeks of comprehensive training in the internship program. This has been specifically designed to give you an intensive direct practice experience in a challenging work place environment.

Entry Requirement

  • General High School Or SMA
  • Tourism Vocational High Shool (SMK Pariwisata dan Non Pariwisata)
  • Program Paket C SMA dan SMK




3 Years or 36 months

Compulsary General Course

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Indonesia Language
  • Pancasila
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Japanese Language
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology of Service
  • Public Relations
  • Cost Control

Tuition & Payment Structure

Registration                                      IDR. 200.000

Semester 1

  • Term 1 (Jan-Mar) 17.500.000
  • Term 2 (Apr-May) 20.000.000
  • Term 3 (Jun-Jul) 22.500.000
  • Term 4 (August) 25.000.000
  • Semester 2 – 6 per Term 20.000.000

Tuition Include

  • Uniform 2 pcs
  • Almamater Jacket
  • AKPINDO T-Shirt
  • Chef Jacket
  • Kitchen Knife Set
  • Barista Coffee Training & Certification
  • Outbound Tour & Competition
  • Equipments & Ingredients for Business Start Up
  • Speed Reading & Maximizing Right Brain Training
  • Character Building
  • Training Program